Mythbusters: Secession


November 14, 2012 by Cole Cleburne

All the talk of secession, is only positive for the southern cause. As I’ve predicted for months, the re-election of Barack Obama, has done nothing but further divide the country, and has now thrust secession into the mainstream media.

A Lew Rockwell blog post from today (11/14/12) completely destroys some of the knee-jerk reactions to secession that have been spouted by reactionaries, those unfamiliar with history and governing principles, or those on the left who think this is all about Obama. As if the world didn’t exist before Obama. The latest is this childish petition to strip citizenship from the people who signed the petitions. The irony of course is, this is exactly what the people want. These people want their state to go it’s own way and not be beholden to the power brokers in D.C. any longer.

This LRC blog post lists three myths about secession:

#1. The Constitution does not prohibit secession.

The idea here of course is secession is not mentioned in the constitution, but the constitution of course states that anything not specifically stated in the constitution is reserved to the states. The author then writes:

Now I know that the Supreme Court says no secession allowed, which means the federal government has declared that you can’t escape the federal government. Gee, that’s no shocker. So, sure, if you believe that the federal government should be the last word on what the federal government can and cannot do, then that’s fine. Just don’t pretend that we have constitutional government. If the federal government gets to decide what the Constitution says, then the Constitution is nothing more than a suggestion box for the feds.

As we southern nationalists, and likely some copperheads and maybe even some on the far left who want the government to do even more (see Vermont) all know that if we let the federal government serve itself as final arbiter then there isn’t really anything we can do is there? That notion is of course a false one.

#2. The Civil War did not “settle” the issue.

If you conclude that settling the issue means one nation has the right to invade, pillage, rape and leave a different country in shambles to prevent it, the you have an odd definition of settled.

#3. Secession is treason/unAmerican/craaaazy/for slavers only.

I guess you cheered for the Brits in the 1770’s then? If you are on the right and believe in this indivisible union, lets read the Declaration of Independence shall we?

The Declaration makes a simple argument:
1. Humans have rights from the Creator
2. Governments exist to secure those rights (a debatable assertion but we’ll roll with it.)
3. When the government fails to secure those rights, we can ditch it and start our own government.

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One thought on “Mythbusters: Secession

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