What if George W. Bush?


November 18, 2012 by Cole Cleburne

Let me draw a scenario for you. I simply use George Bush because I know he is reviled by many liberals/yankees/northerners and the vast majority of Lincoln apologists. He is no friend of the Southern cause. 

George W. Bush won the election of 2000. What if the state of Massachusetts seceded from the union on December 20th, 2000? Now let’s say the rest of New England joined Massachusetts before President Bush was sworn into office. All the states in question heralded the founding documents went doing so.

Shortly after being sworn into office President Bush asks the U.S. military to mobilize against New England. What if after this mobilization, the mid-western states join New England in defiance of what they saw as a tyrannical government based in D.C. that was highly sectional, and was hell bent on destroying the way of life of the northern people. 

What if George W. Bush threatened to imprison the state legislature of Ohio, if they talked of secession? What if, in the coming months, the President then jailed the editors of the Dallas Morning News, The Atlanta Journal Constitution and the New Orleans Times-Picayune? Simply because these editors did not agree with his agenda, and questioned why we had to go to war with the north?

What if the President agreed to create a new state out of Indiana, and called it South Indiana, which violated the Constitution. What if many of the people in southern Indiana didn’t want to go to war with the north, but the southern military invaded the area, and killed those who resisted?

What if President Bush issued an arrest warrant for Chief Justice William Rehnquist, and arrested and or imprisoned a large swath of influential citizens in Pennsylvania? What if the President deported a congressman from Virginia who disagreed with him? With that he also suspended habeus corpus and declared martial law in Maryland and Delaware.

What if President Bush invaded the north with the express purpose of keeping them in the union? What if the war was going poorly for the south and after finally finding some competent generals, the President allowed one of his armies to destroy every morsel of civilization on a path from St. Louis to Detroit; destroying homes, killing livestock, burning entire cities to the ground, raping women, and stealing everything of value?

What if after four years of this war to save the union, some six million people lay dead on both sides of the border? What if after a few decades our descendants built him a memorial in the national capital, carved his face into stone and taught your grandchildren and their progeny, how evil your ancestors were and how great President Bush was? What if every time you brought up the facts of what actually happened you were called derogatory names, and ridiculed as a lunatic? What if decades later the citizens the nation over gushed over President Bush, wrote books and directed movies that declared his greatness? Would you acquiesce to the lies? What story would you tell your children? Would you tell them the real history? We are southern nationalists. This isn’t about any president or any party. It’s not about Bush or Obama or any president in the last handful of decades. None of them advocated for the southern people. This is about the future of our people.


One thought on “What if George W. Bush?

  1. Pat Hines says:

    The Republicans are beginning to be at that level over Reagan, I think he would have already been put up there with Lincoln if he’d killed more people, particularly those born in the United States.

    We will know we’re totally victorious when a wrecking ball is taken to the Lincoln Memorial, and his face is removed from the Black Hills of South Dakota by howitzer fire to the extent nothing can be carved there again.

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