What If?


November 18, 2012 by Cole Cleburne

What if the Current president had been elected by less than 40% of the popular vote?

What if he declared martial law and suspended habeas corpus, so that anyone could be arrested without being charged and held indefinitely?

What if he shut down all news media opposed to his agenda and jailed the editors?

What if he signed an arrest warrant for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

What if he arrested the majority of one state’s legislature because there was a chance those legislators may oppose him?

And what if he created new states formed out of existing states simply for political expediency?

What if he deported his most vocal critic in Congress?

What if his greatest achievement in office, actually held no legal power and was simply political maneuvering, to win a war?

What if he violated the 2nd Amendment by disarming the states of his choosing?

What if, after only one month in office and without congressional approval, he unleashed the full might of the military on any state that refused to pay federal taxes?

What if the military, while carrying out his orders, killed thousands of civilians, burned down homes, destroyed property and torched countless cities; while robbing and raping citizens?

What if, due to all of his violations of the Constitution, which he was sworn to uphold, we built a huge monument in Washington D.C. to honor him; and we call him our greatest president ever? 


One thought on “What If?

  1. […] What if after four years of this war to save the union, some six million people lay dead on both sides of the border? What if after a few decades our descendants built him a memorial in the national capital, carved his face into stone and taught your grandchildren and their progeny, how evil your ancestors were and how great President Bush was? What if every time you brought up the facts of what actually happened you were called derogatory names, and ridiculed as a lunatic? What if decades later the citizens the nation over gushed over President Bush, wrote books and directed movies that declared his greatness? What story would you tell your children? Would you tell them the real history? […]

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